Björn Welinder

+46 46 151000 / +46 709 179441

Björn is a Member of the Swedish Bar Association and a partner in the firm. A business lawyer for over 30 years, he is at home in a large number of legal areas and lines of business. 

Björn is particularly interested in litigation, and he is in charge of the firm´s litigation and arbitration cases. Ever since his student days, he has taken a lively interest in commercial real-estate law. He also has special competence in labour legislation. 

Björn is a driving force within Ally Law, on whose board he has served for several years. Currently, he is also the organization’s President until 2021. 

Member of the Swedish Bar, Partner 


Procedural law, Arbitration, Dispute resolution, Litigation, Contract law, M&A, Labour law, Law of tenancy and Real estate law.


Swedish and English


Telephone +46 46 151000
Mobile phone +46 709 179441