Björn Welinder
new President
of Ally Law

At the Annual General Meeting in New Delhi, India, the members of Ally Law, our international team of lawyers, on the 7 March 2019 elected its 2019-2020 Executive Board. Our partner Björn Welinder was elected as the new President of Ally Law for a two-year term to be completed in 2021. 

After the election Björn Welinder said: “I am honored to have been selected by the member delegates of Ally Law to serve as our organization’s President. As Lindmark Welinder is one of Ally Law’s founding members, I have seen our network grow in strength, in the constantly increasing number of jurisdictions in which member firms are located and practice, and in our ability to provide excellent, coordinated client service around the world. I look forward to working with the new Executive Board of Ally Law, particularly as we prepare to celebrate our network’s 30th anniversary next year.” 

In addition to Björn Welinder as President, the members of Ally Law elected Paul Franke (Moye White LLP; Denver, Colorado, United States) as First Vice President, Eric Krathwohl (Rich May; Boston, Massachusetts, United States) as Treasurer, and Roger Franklin (Edwin Coe LLP; London, United Kingdom) as Secretary, to serve in the Executive team.

Serving one-year terms as Vice Presidents of the Executive Board are Erich Gibel (Gibel Zirm; Vienna, Austria), Ronald Hack (Evans & Dixon; St. Louis, Missouri, United States), Marc Landis (Phillips Nizer; New York, United States), Ewa Lejman (Izabella Żyglicka and Partners; Katowice, Poland), Martin O’Hara (Much Law; Chicago, Illinois, United States), Andrew Parlour (Russell Kennedy; Melbourne, Australia), Paola Sangiovanni (Gitti and Partners; Milan, Italy) and Ramesh K Vaidyanathan (Advaya Legal; Mumbai, India). 

Björn along with the rest of the Executive team and Executive Board, were elected by unanimous assent.