Lindmark Welinder

Lawyers are all
the same and yet
quite different

At a first glance, we lawyers may all look the same. We operate under the same rules and conditions, on the same playing-field. But a closer look will tell you that we differ quite a lot. Not because we focus on different legal areas or because we do things in dissimilar ways, but because we’re different as people. Just like you.

At Lindmark Welinder we’re different too, both as people and as a business. Experience and expertise are not enough for us. We want to do more and be more all the time, giving everything we’ve got to each job we take on.

Everything we do is based on trust. In simple terms, our job is to help others make the best of their business. Any issue that a client brings to us matters, and all our expertise and experience are at his or her disposal from the first.

Our clients often comment on the special spirit in which they work with us, a particular atmosphere that helps them talk freely about complex issues. That spirit has evolved as an integral part of our business culture during our nearly 30 years in Lund. We call it ‘the LW spirit’.

Law exists in a context, and so do we. It’s not enough to know your statute book back to front, or even to be on top of all the things decided in Brussels. A business lawyer has to understand the special dynamic conditions that prevail in the world of commerce. Negotiations in various fields and between parties from different countries often bring out major dissimilarities, and the business lawyer must be able to handle them all.

Thirst for knowledge, commitment, professional pride, and work satisfaction are more than just words for us; they guide our every step, in everyday business transactions as well as in major acquisition deals. And at the end of the day, we’re happy when our clients are.