Lindmark Welinder

Our being in Lund
is no coincidence
but it is a bonus

Knowledge is the foundation of all we do. So it’s convenient for us to be in Lund. The Lundian view of knowledge was always part of our work: realizing that it all hangs together, that law doesn’t exist in a vacuum, that expertise is there to be shared.

Several of our staff-members are or have been involved in university teaching and research, which may be one reason why we’re sometimes consulted when new laws are drafted and government commissions examine various issues. We’re happy to pass on our knowledge by means of lectures and seminars, both on our own premises and on those of our clients.

In fact, our thirst for knowledge is so great that we have set aside one fifth of each employee’s working hours for the pursuit of fresh knowledge, and for looking into things that will affect our clients in times to come. We call it ‘the fifth day’: we work for you today for four days a week; the fifth is spent working for tomorrow – your tomorrow as well as ours.

We’re also constantly trying to expand our expertise by glancing across fences between disciplines, for instance between law and economics. As a result, we’re able to help you where law firms are usually out of their depth. At the same time, we’re reminded that the law isn’t everything.

Strange though it may seem.