Doing business
and investing
in Canada

Our colleagues at the Ally Law member firm Torkin Manes LLP, located in Toronto, Canada, have published a business and legal guide providing a general overview of the key legal issues of which foreign companies and other organisations should be aware when seeking to do business or invest in Canada. 

Through the topics covered, an overview of the business life in Canada is given. Among other things, the guide provides information on Canadian corporate structures, labour and tax legislation, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights such as trademark and patents. 

The purpose of the guide is not, however, to replace the specific legal advice you will require in order to set up your business in Canada, but rather to provide a starting point for meeting with your Ally Law member firm when you are ready to explore the Canadian market. 

Read more in the guide Doing Business in Canada: A Legal Overview, which you can easily download using the link below. You will also find more interesting business guides at Ally Law’s website, by clicking here

Thanks to our collaboration with our colleagues within the Ally Law framework, we at Lindmark Welinder can open the doors for you and your business to new ventures abroad and to support you with business law expertise worldwide, for example in Canada. 


Doing-business-in-Canada-2012.pdf (2574 kb)

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